All About Viszlas

The Vizsla is coveted worldwide as both a refined hunting dog and a loving family pet. The breed originated in Hungary and began arriving in North America in the 1950s.  On November 25, 1960 the breed was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Here are some common questions that we receive about Vizslas from customers. (All answers are based on our experience with the breed)

1.  Do Vizslas do well with children?
     Vizslas make a wonderful family pet.  They are very good with children and enjoy thoroughly the attention that kids give to them. Of course, with any breed, the puppy or dog must be taught to interact properly with children so neither the child or the dog is harmed.
2.  How do Vizslas behave around other pets?
    Vizslas tend to do very well with other pets if introduced properly and at a young age. Vizslas were bred to hunt birds and animals so they might have a tendency to chase. This is why you must supervise introductions and interactions to ensure the pets are friends before leaving them alone together.
3.  Do Vizslas make good apartment/house dogs?
      In rare circumstances, a Vizsla may make a good apartment dog, but only if the dog is being exercised abundantly and receiving plenty of attention. Leaving a Vizsla in a closed up apartment all day is a recipe for disaster. Neither the dog or the owner will be happy with the end results.
      Vizslas make wonderful house pets, but as mentioned above, they must receive proper exercise. Home owners have the ability to let the dog out in the yard for some fresh air and exercise. Vizslas love being inside and will always be as close to you as possible because they are such a loyal companion.
4.  Is it dangerous to have a Vizsla shipped?
      It is not dangerous to have your puppy shipped by air.  In fact, we believe it is less stressful because the puppy can arrive at its new home much more quickly than if it were drove clear across the U.S. cooped up in a cage for days.  The airlines have very strict regulations when it comes to shipping live animals. The climate must be just right or they will not fly the pup. Also, they require all animals to have health certificates to ensure that all animals are healthy. They also require that all animals have food and water available to them.
Of course, shipping is stressful for the pup, but it isn?t that he is scared of flying; it is the fact that this is the first time that he has been away from his mom and siblings and he is in an unfamiliar place. Once the puppy arrives to his new home, the stress he feels goes away after a few days. Obviously, the best way to receive your pup is to come and pick it up, but that is not always a possibility.
We primarily use Continental Airlines since it is the only airline that provides a climate controlled environment.  This allows them to ship pets at any temperature.  We also use American Airlines from time to time.  We have had excellent results with both American and Continental Airlines. 
5. Do we get Limited or Full Registration rights with AKC?  
     All of our puppies we sell come with Full AKC registration rights.  
6.  How big does the Vizsla get and what is the life expectancy?
     It depends on whether you get