About Red Canyon Kennels

Red Canyon Kennels is located in Alfalfa County in Northern Oklahoma.  Red Canyon Kennels is extremely committed in raising Vizsla puppies.  Our puppies are farm raised and enjoy the freedom of country living.  We provide our puppies with clean, heated and cooled facilities where they may come and go as they please.  Each evening, our Vizslas are taken on a walk to ensure proper and required exercise. When we return, if they prefer, they may continue to run and play on our five acre property or they may sit in the yard and relax.  Vizslas are a part of our family and we always make time to love and socialize with our dogs daily.
We at Red Canyon Kennels are dedicated to raising the healthiest and happiest puppies possible. All of our adult dogs are OFA hip certified to ensure the highest quality puppies possible.  Puppies from Red Canyon Kennels will have their tails docked and dew claws removed at the age of three days.  Puppies will be wormed and will also receive all necessary puppy shots before going to their new owners.  Puppies are usually ready to go at 7-8 weeks of age; however, if shipping puppies, airline regulations require puppies to be 8 weeks old.

Vizslas make excellent hunters and wonderful family pets and if you would like more information on this breed, please call or e-mail us.  
If we are not home, please leave a message and a phone number and we would be happy to return your call.

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